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TOP qualité Issus des meilleurs lignées au Canada, USA et France 

MAJ 30 aout 18

Éleveur de chihuahuas, chiens chinois à crête (chinese crested) et Petits Lévriers Italiens (PLI) de grande qualité, de race PURE ce qui veut dire que nos reproducteurs sont enregistrés.

Les chiots DeReve sont issus de grandes lignées de Champions Américains, Canadiens et Européens.

Nous offrons des chiens de compagnie ou de compétition (show).


***En 2017, nous avons 4 nouveaux champions qui ont terminé avec Succès***

Notre élevage est enregistré au registraire des entreprises ainsi qu'au MAPAQ, ce qui veut dire que nous respectons les lois (et encore plus) sur le bien être et la protection des animaux !

1 femelle MINI chihuahua dispo 2.8 lbs: 418.455.1713


***Il se peut que nous ayons d'autres chiens dispos***

Contactez nous (entre 10h am et 19h00) ! 418.455.1713

Chihuahua DeReve are passionate people, people who adore animals and who like to laugh. As we say to our friends, we cure evil with animals! Dogs are our great passion. We are much more than a breeding and far from a factory. We take the RESPONSIBILITY of being a breeder seriously. For several years, we have been studying and evolving in the field with the aim of offering you all that there is best.

Chihuahua DeReve and his friends are located in Quebec (Canada) and we enjoy an excellent international reputation. Member in good standing of the Canadian Kennel Club (CCC / CKC) and as we are serious people, our company is registered with the government(explanations will follow shortly). ALL our dogs are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (and American or French).

All our breeders (chihuahuas, Chinese crested and Small Italian Greyhounds) are of superior quality. They have nothing in common with the baby "makers". They ally type, conformation, structure, health and behavior.

DeRêve puppies are prepared with great care and with special attention. You see the difference as soon as your companion arrives. Our customers are greatly satisfied and surprised to see this. We offer show and companion quality dogs. We are determined to always offer thebest of the best. We are present in most major events in the dog world (competitions and information show). Most of our breeders are Canadian and / or American CHAMPIONS in conformation.

Caution:Be very careful with "pure" dogs at low prices! If you are told that a dog is "PURE RACE" it MUST be REGISTERED with the Canadian Kennel Club (otherwise it is not purebred!). RACE PURE dogs will respect the breed standard and therefore you will avoid spending a fortune on unplanned veto costs! Avoid encouraging factories and / or "dog makers" or thieves. These people may have stolen from real small breeders (as we often see in the chihuahua). It is for this reason that we do not advertise our address.

Whether you dream of a great companion or a competitive dog ...

We will make your dream ... A Reality!

For information or reservation, click on "Contact Us". An answer is guaranteed within 24 hours.

Dream Chihuahua presents a parade of people on V TV (fall 2010)

Our models are dressed by Romy and Jacob.

(We are a distributor of these Luxury clothes)

 Our Chihuahuas were at TVA Nos italian greyhound were at TVA

Watch the show, See the article | Watch the show, See the article 

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It is strictly forbidden to copy any information whatsoever without permission written of its owner.





Elevage exempt de brucellose / Brucellosis free INFO bruccellose
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